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Fancy Branches

This module is an enhancement of the webtrees Branches list which can be found in the Main Menu under Lists / Branches. If this module is activated it allows the user to expand or collapse each family branch to make viewing easier.

Fancy Database Backup

This is a very small module with a very powerful purpose. It provides the ability to include the excellent “MySQLDumper” backup software into your webtrees administration panel options. Throughout webtrees documentation you are very sensibly advised to back up your database at frequent intervals, and especially before any upgrade. If your webhost provides a tool like PhpMyAdmin or cPanel you should, if you know how, be able to use that. But for greater flexibility, simplicty and convenience MySQLDumper is hard to beat.

Fancy Gendex

With this module you can generate a GENDEX file from webtrees. A GENDEX file is an index of personal data and a short page URL. It is used to index a genealogical website by a genealogical search engine. The idea behind it is to join numerous pedigrees of individual genealogical researchers to a central database, while the individual genealogical researchers are still keeping all control over their data.

Fancy Imagebar

The Fancy Imagebar is a nice looking imagebar between header and content of your webtrees site. The imagebar is built up with pictures from the media objects in your tree. It respects privacy settings.

Fancy Privacy List

This module is for site admins only. It shows a datatable list with all individuals in your family tree where you can review the privacy settings of each individual.
With this list it is easy to check if your privacy settings are correct.

Fancy Research Links

A sidebar module that provides quick links to popular research web sites, using the individuals name as the search reference. At the moment almost 30 research websites are supported and the list is still growing.

Fancy Treeview

This is the most popular module of the Fancy series. With this module it is possible to add multiple pages for several branches in your family tree. The branches will be listed from the first generation down to the last one in a narrative way. It gives your users a quick overview of your family tree. Of course privacy rules are respected.

Fancy Treeview PDF

This module is an extension for the Fancy Treeview module. If you install this module it offers your users the possibility to download a Fancy Treeview page as PDF. Like the Fancy Treeview webpage, the PDF contains an overview of all descendants of a selected root person in a tree. It contains the same information as the Fancy Treeview page (images are included). Besides the PDF comes with an index with the names of all individuals in alphabetical order. It is designed to use with all kind of languages, including rtl-languages.