Fancy Database Backup


This module requires webtrees 1.7.0 or later.


This is a very small module with a very powerful purpose. It provides the ability to include the excellent “MySQLDumper” backup software into your webtrees administration panel options. Throughout webtrees documentation you are very sensibly advised to back up your database at frequent intervals, and especially before any upgrade. If your webhost provides a tool like PhpMyAdmin or cPanel you should, if you know how, be able to use that. But for greater flexibility, simplicty and convenience MySQLDumper is hard to beat.

Note: Since MySQLDumper is no longer maintained and incompatible with PHP7, MySQLDumper is replaced with MyOOSDumper which is a part of MyOOS.


MySQL Dumper integration in Control Panel


You can help to translate this module. Updates to translations should be made at Changes made there will be pushed to the git repository periodically and will be available on the development version of the module. They will be included in the next release of this module.

Installation & upgrading

For more information about these subjects go to the JustCarmen help pages.

The first time you start the configuration page of this module you will be lead through the installation process of MyOOSDumper. Just follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Bugs and feature requests

If you experience any bugs or have a feature request for this module you can create a new issue or use the webtrees subforum ‘customising’ to contact me.


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