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This module requires webtrees 1.7.0 or later.


With this module you can generate a GENDEX file from your GEDCOM(S).

A GENDEX file is a text file with an index of personal data and a short page URL. It is used to index a genealogical website by a genealogical search engine. The idea behind it is to join numerous pedigrees of individual genealogical researchers to a central database, while the individual genealogical researchers are still keeping all control over their data. Unlike a GEDCOM file a GENDEX file contains no information about the family relationships between individuals. This means the file is useless without your webtrees website.

The GENDEX file only contains public data.

The search engines below are known to accept the GENDEX textfile created by this module:


On the Fancy Gendex configuration page select the trees you want to include and push the button to create your GENDEX file.


Note: The GENDEX file will not be automatically updated when you make changes to your GEDCOM. But it is as easy as pushing the button at the configuration page to update your GENDEX file with your latest changes.

Known issues

Some people reported a problem with creating the GENDEX file from the Control Panel due to permission rights. If this is happening to you, you need to create the GENDEX text file manually. Upload an empty text file to the root of your website installation, called “gendex.txt”.  Set the file permissions to 644. After the file has been created go to the Fancy Gendex configuration page in the Control Panel, select the trees you want to include and click the button.

Note: It is not possible to move the gendex.txt file to the data folder (which has the right permissions), because the file is not accessible to the GENDEX search engines from that location.


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Installation & upgrading

For more information about these subjects go to the JustCarmen help pages.

Bugs and feature requests

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