New theme installation

Upgrading from a previous version? Read ‘upgrading your theme‘.

After you have downloaded one of the themes either from this site, from webtrees or from GitHub unzip the package in your webtrees root directory.

The theme files will be added to the themes directory and the theme options module will be added to the modules_v3 directory.

Upload the theme files into your webtrees/theme directory and the theme options module files to your webtrees/module_v3 directory. The theme will be activated immediately. To use the theme options module you need to activate it by going into the module administration section within your webtrees control panel

Theme options module

If you don’t want to use the themes’ options module, don’t upload it to your website or deselect it in your webtrees control panel. To use a theme it’s theme options module is not required.

Your theme is now added to the theme selector where you can choose your theme.

If you don’t see the theme selector, you probably have set the option ‘allow theme changes’ to ‘no’. In that case go to your controle panel / website preferences and change the default theme into either JustLight or JustBlack. Read this for more information about default theme settings.

Release version

If your zip file contain either the theme files or the theme option files you probably have downloaded a development version. Only the release version contains both.  Regarding the theme options module, only the release version contains all compiled language files.