Set your theme as default theme

Follow these steps to set either the JustBlack or the JustLight theme as default theme:

  • Open the webtrees control panel.
  • Go to websites / website preferences and set ‘default theme’ to the theme of your choice.
  • If your visitors may choose their own theme set the option ‘Allow users to select their own theme’ to ‘yes’ (default). In that case a theme selector is added to the frontpage of your website. Set this option to ‘no’ if you rather show only one theme to the public.
  • Go to family trees / manage family trees and click on the ‘preferences’ configuration link of the tree you want to change the default theme in.
  • In the section ‘user preferences’ you can choose the default theme. If you set it to the option ‘<default theme>’ it will take over the default theme settings from your website preferences.
  • If you have more then one family tree repeat this step for each tree. It is possible to set different default themes in different trees.


Theme settings per user

Registered users may have chosen a different theme in the past. Note that user preferences take over family tree preferences which take over website preferences.You need to check the preferences of each user (user administration in control panel) and change the theme setting value to ‘<default theme>’ .  You can skip this if your users are still able to select their own theme.