Upgrading a module

New installation? Read ‘New module installation‘.

Modules are updated whenever there are some bugs fixed or feature requests implemented. Some modules will update on a regular bases. Sometimes changes in webtrees core will force the module to change accordingly. Therefore I follow webtrees development and will always try to keep the modules up-to-date. But nevertheless it is possible that these custom modules will result in one or more errors after you have upgraded your webtrees installation.

It is recommended to always turn off any custom modules and themes during the upgrade process of your webtrees installation.

After you have completed the upgrade of your webtrees installation check if a new version is available of your custom module at this website. If there isn’t any yet check the module information for requirements. Often a module still works in a newer webtrees version. If you are in doubt contact me.

If you think the module should work in your new (latest) webtrees version you can try to activate the module from the Module administration (Control panel / Modules / Module administration). If you are experiencing any errors afterwards, you can try to reset your database settings. Click on the reset button at the module’s configuration page. If this doesn’t solve your problem or if the module configuration page isn’t accessible, deactivate the module and wait for the next release.

A new version is often released within a few days after a new webtrees release. It might help to open an issue at GitHub in case the error hasn’t been fixed already in development state (if you aren’t sure file a bug report anyway).

In some rare cases the existence of a custom module can break your entire webtrees site. If this happens, remove the entire custom module from your server. Check this website if there is a new version available and download the latest release from here.

Follow the steps below to upgrade a module to a newer version:

  • Backup your website (this is always a good behavior before changing anything on your server).
  • Delete the complete module folder from the directory modules_v3.
  • Unzip the release package into your webtrees modules_v3 directory.
  • Upload the module files to your webtrees/module_v3 directory.
  • Activate the module from the module administration section in your webtrees control panel.
  • It is best to clear the cache after each update. Click inside the control panel on Websites / Clean up data folder and tick the box ‘cache’.

Do not just overwrite the old module files. It can cause instability.