JustBlack theme


This theme requires webtrees 1.7.8 or later. If you are using an older webtrees version use the  theme version which is compatible with your webtrees version.


This theme is the only theme designed for webtrees with a dark background. With this theme you can distinguish your website from other webtrees sites!


  • A nice darkgrey layout with orange and yellow accents.
  • Smooth Top Navigation Menu.
  • Nice font for titles.
  • Extended colorbox functions.

And much more.

JustBlack theme options module

Some features of the theme are optional. These options are controlled by the JustBlack theme options module.


  • Set position and size of the Tree title.

    Configuration page for the JustBlack theme

  • Use the default header image, upload a custom one or opt for no header image.
  • It is possible to resize the newly uploaded header image to the default values of the JustBlack Theme (800x150px).
  • In case you choose a custom header or choose not to use a header image you can set the height of the header area (You can not use this option in conjunction with the resize option)..
  • Opt for flags as language menu or use the default dropdown menu. Advice is not to use this option if you have more then 10 languages installed; Disable the languages you won’t need in the Control Panel.
  • Use a compact ‘View’ menu. In the compact version of the topmenu the menu-items Charts, Lists, Calendar and Reports (optional) will be put together in one mainmenu-item.
  • Move the media menu link to the topmenu.
  • Order the main menu items. Ordering menu items here is more flexible then the sort option webtrees offers by default. Here you can shuffle ALL main menu items (except the homepage menu).

The JustBlack theme options module is included in the download. Note: This theme will work perfectly well without the module. The module is just extra.

Installation and upgrading

For more information about these subjects go to the JustCarmen help pages. You will find there other tips as well.

Bugs and feature requests

If you experience any bugs or have a feature request for this theme you can create a new issue or use the webtrees subforum ‘customising’ to contact me.


Support the development of this theme by making a (small) donation. Your donations are very much appreciated.

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